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Australia is a young, vibrant and friendly country, offering quality education and an exciting lifestyle. If you are looking for an irresistible combination of outstanding academics and a life with liveliness and endless opportunities for career growth, Australia is the place to be.

Country Information

  • Capital: Canberra
  • Population: 24.64 million (2017)
  • Founded: 26 Jan 1788

Why Study In Australia

  • Third most international destination for students in English speaking countries.
  • Country with third largest number of international students.
  • Top 100 universities in the world.
  • 22,000 courses across 1100 institutions.
  • Easy part time options & stay back options for students.
  • PR options after completing studies.

Universities We Suggest

  • Central Queensland University
  • Torrens University
  • Education centre of Australia
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